Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Razeen (2)

Previously on Razeen…

Dareen: god help me!

Dareen: show me his picture... bas I don’t want any 9admaat!

Lulu: ee ok, here it is...

Dareen: madrii, 6weel w th3eef w 5ashma kbeer w 3youna r too small hmm…

Lulu: maynoona? Iyanin!!

Dareen: hmm, ADREEEE he's perfect!!!! Show me ba3ad pics!!

Lulu: eb hathy m8ater, w eb hathy I think in sharm, w hathi I'm guessing bel gym w hathy bel sayara …

Dareen: stop! Go back!!

Lulu: ay 9oora tabeen?

Dareen: the one with the black shirt on

Lulu: hathee?

Dareen: ee

Lulu: laish?

Dareen: he's gorgeous!

Lulu: shelfarg bain hal 9oora w el bajii?

Dareen: he isn’t thin, jesma 7elw! W his eyes, feehum shai

Lulu: madri ashouf hal 9oora methel el bajii

Dareen stayed quiet looking at the picture of her "perfect man" he looks like a good guy, a guy that would fill her with love and passion, a guy that would be her man, her everything.

Dareen: shenu el pass? W shenu el email?

Lulu wrote the information down on a paper and left to go home after dinner.

As soon as Lulu left, Dareen went to her room opened the laptop and went on msn…

Uff waina?! Laish mu dash? Hehe Lulu mu 7a6a ela ohwa eb hal email? Hal bnaya maynoona!!

DING: Barak is online.

*3omra e6weel!*

Barak: halaw
Sara: hey
Barak: how are you?
Sara: fine you?
Barak: I'm not ok!
Sara: laish shfeek?
Barak: you promised me something!
Sara: shenu?
Barak: shda3wa ma tathkireen!
Sara: 9ij shenu ;s?

*what did lulu promise him?!*

Barak: yalla 3ad, 3an el dala3!
Sara: Barak shfeek! What did I promise? I forgot : (
Barak: you promised to open your cam for me
Sara: na3am? Sh8a9dik? 3aib 3alaik!
Barak: no no I just want to see shaklich!! 8a9de shareef wallah
Sara: ok ill put a pic on instead..
Barak: ok hehe:P

*min wain ayeebla pic al7een? Google!! Kah this one is good!!*
Sara changed her profile picture.
Barak: mu wath7a, aby '3airha
Sara: ma 3indi '3airha;(
Barak: yala 3aad

*ok wa7da shagra hehe this looks like the first one..*

Sara changed her profile picture.
Barak: hathi intai? Chathabaaa!!;p
Sara: lool laish?
Barak: la2ana ams 7a6aitai wa7da sha3arha aswad w elyoum wa7da shagra shlooon?
Sara: 9eba'3t sha3rii!!;p
Barak: yala 3aad ill open then you open ok?
Sara: yea
Barak: promise?
Sara: hehe yea
Barak opened web cam
Barak: haa shlone?
Sara: hehe you look nice
Barak: your turn
Sara: hehe ok only for 5 seconds!!
Barak: maashi 5 seconds

*shlone a7e6 cam! I never did this before! A5aaf he is a player:S ok kah my glasses, and kah el pillow 3ashan a8a6ee shakli w la y3arefny!!*

Sara: ok yala sawee accept;p!
Sara opened web cam
Sara: 1
Sara: 2
Barak: noooooooo
Sara: 3
Barak: Sara!
Sara: 4
Sara: 5

Web cam closed.

Sara: shfeek?
Barak: its not fair ba6lee 3adil!
Sara: la bas kafee!
Barak: please

*hehe ga3d ysawee 7arakaat bel cam shlone ma aba6el malii? *

Sara: hmm…Fine!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Razeen (1)

Lulu: Kalmeeh 7elw!!

Dareen: la no way!

Lulu: laish?

Dareen: cause I don’t know him! I'm not gunna randomly talk to a guy on face book!!

Lulu: well, I don’t wanna talk to him, I have someone, and shoufeeh he is hot, I already started talking to him..

Dareen: iyour imbad3a! hehe how did you talk?

Lulu: messages on facebook… and I thought it was going to be fun, but I can't anymore, I have someone… and he wants to add me on face book now, so talk to him, for fun hehe

Dareen: I don’t even know how he looks like! No 7aram!

Lulu: ok I'm opening the face book messages, read then then I'll show you his picture ok ?

Dareen: fine hehe


February 28 at 4:03pm

February 28 at 4:04pm

February 28 at 4:06pm

February 28 at 4:08pm
ok listen,ive seen you alot and im interested.

February 28 at 5:52pm
sorry bas i dont know u ;S o shno metwa83a eny ared 3alaich?

March 1 at 10:02am
im sorry:$

March 1 at 1:34pm
np ;p

March 1 at 3:10pm
So can we be friends??

March 1 at 5:37pm
ok np ;p

March 8 at 8:14pm
aw thanks;*so how are u?

March 8 at 9:37pm
good how about ur self?;p

March 9 at 10:51pm

March 10 at 4:47am
doom enshallah hows school?;p

March 10 at 12:35pm
malal, u?

March 10 at 2:29pm
dawam men el 8 lama 6 el ma'3arb malal werhaa8 :Pp u in ack?

March 10 at 7:08pm
allah y3eenek!! how about i get to know you better then ill tell :P

March 10 at 11:41pm
Lol haha ok bas u gayla uv seen me alo may I ask wain?;p

March 11 at 5:15pm
ee u may:Pive seen u once in chocolate bar il bidi3 and twice in avenues

March 11 at 11:54pm
Lol ola ana marOo7 el avenues w chocolate bar wayed bel sennah marah esh3arefach eb my name ba9edech :p

March 12 at 12:24am
ow;/ yemkin wrong person ana asfa

March 12 at 6:36pm
maybe who knows ;p meta hal 7achy ely eb chocolate bar?

March 12 at 6:37pm
raye7 lately ;p btw u ay sem eb ack?:p

March 12 at 6:51pm
around,,, 2 weeks ago... madriii a5aaf tkoun wrong person:Shoney im not in ack i just put that in, i study in dubai

March 12 at 9:01pm
lol ok ;p bass ga3ed at2akad men ma3lomaty ;p hehe bass how ur not sure o u saw my pics bel FB account ;p anyway yemken ana o yemken la2 ;p entay o she6artech ;p u'll know ;p

March 13 at 12:23am
haha well if u the guy or not doesnt matter anymore, cause sha6arti tgouli inik cuter than the guy and isloobik 3ajebny whether ur him or not:)

March 13 at 12:23am

March 13 at 1:32am
Hehhehe merci ;p a7ragteny 9ara7a :p so entay 3ajbech el wath3 ena kelyoom 2 msgs bel fb ?

March 13 at 1:33am

March 13 at 8:27am
haha what do u mean?9ara7a maby i ask u for more a5af ur busy, i dont want to thagel;$u 3ajbik?

March 13 at 2:59pm
Lol no kel esboo3 en5ale9 salfa may9eer cheenah wayed e6wala ;p want me 2 add u bel msn?(A)

March 13 at 11:57pm
ahahaha sure, whats your email?

March 13 at 11:58pm

Lulu: shrayech?

Dareen: laish you have a facebook account I don’t know about? W laish ib Dubai haha

Lulu: bas for fun!

Dareen: and what do you expect me to do?

Lulu: I started to talk to him on msn lately, so how about you continue..

Dareen: madri, I feel bad, eny akalem '3air 9ager

Lulu: noo la tkalmeeny just as friends and enjoy his company, w ba3dain you and 9ager barely kalamtaw ba3ath, bas msn, w maraaaaaat messages, w mara phone ib 3eed meeladich, w you never saw ela weya el group do bas, forget him!!

Dareen: hmm, madri we'll c…

Lulu: there are more lies hehe

Dareen: what? (Shocked)

Lulu: ee he thinks baba is dead hehe

Dareen: laish tfawleen ya 7mara hehe!

Lulu: it's not true!

Dareen: god help me!

Hurt 4

Previously on Hurt...
I ran out of starbucks and left him there just staring at me leave, I needed to breathe, I neededspace.

I waited all this time for him, my sweetheart, my baby… do I want to be his? I'm his second? I'm standby? No. I won't be. I can't be. I deserve better!!

I needed time to think, to escape! I took the first flight back to Kuwait.

I arrived at 3am, the driver only knew I was coming and I told him not to tell mama, I saw the driver he came to take my bags into the car.

Driver: ahhh Tammy!! Mama not know you come?

Tammy: hiiii!! No don’t tell her! I want to surprise her!

Driver: ok wait here I will bring the car

Tammy: ok, I'm going to get something to drink and come.

I went into starbucks and ordered orange juice. Went back to the car which was parked in front of the door, I rode in the back seat, listened to my iPod and closed my eyes.

Driver: Tammy!

Tammy: huh?

Driver: we are here!

I looked at my watch and it was 3: 30am, I called my nannies cell and she opened the door, she knew it was a surprise too. We had our hugs and kisses and I headed to my room. I took off my trainers and took a shower, wore my pajamas and slept like a baby. I was home! I left my phones switched off, I needed time alone.

The next day
Mama's yammering outside my door woke me up, but I stayed in bed acting asleep.
Mama: Jema (my nanny) why did you forget to clean here? And here? And here? What have you been doing all day? Did you clean the children's rooms?

Jema: hehehe yes madam hehe

Mama: why are you laughing? Am I joking with you? Why didn’t you clean today?

Jema: I did hehehehehehehe

Mama: ohhhhhhhhhhhhh JEMA!

Then I heard her footsteps walk away, and I fell asleep, moments later.

Mama: you cleaned her room?

Jema: madam no no very dirty don’t go inside I will clean today hehehe

Mama: ok move

Jema: no madam, you want tea? (blocking her from opening Tammy's closed door)

Mama: ok I want tea

Jema: ok (she walked away stupidly thinking mama gave up)

Mama opened the door and found nothing, the bed was set, and everything… she went in giving her back to the bathroom.

Mama: why didn’t you clean the bed! It's all messed up! Clean it all today! (she seemed disappointed, she thought she was going to be surprised by me..)

They left the room and mama's footsteps lead to down stairs. I looked at the time and it was 2:10 pm, mama, Jenan and baba eat at 2:30pm
I rushed and washed up wore something nice (jeans and a white vintage top) and watched mama sit in her place calling out for everyone to eat. Baba came and sat at the head of the table, mama on the side next to him and Jenan in front of mama. I usually sat beside mama or Jenan. Jenan saw me in the kitchen we said our hellos quietly, she started crying, and I told her not to go in till I did. So I came in casually kissed mama on the cheek and baba's head and sat next to mama. They thought I was Jenan not really looking at my face.

Baba: ha Jenan shlone senior year?

Tammy: ma adre babatii

Jenan came in.
Jenan: ha mama shenu el '3ada?

As soon as she came in they both looked up at me.


She stood up started crying and I went and hugged her.

Baba: hahaha wallah ya Tamara inich mu hayna hahaha

I hugged baba and he had a tear in his eye. I love them so much! So we sat ate, mama was OVER excited! We decided to go out as girls, me mama and Jenan. Then baba would come for dinner after work.

I wish I could stay and not go back..


Hey ;** I'm sorry I haven't been posting but I'm not feeling the story lately, I don't feel like continuing it cause I have a better story in mind, so how about I write the new story, and when I feel comfortable with the second one I'll continue it? What do all my readers think? :$

Thursday, July 16, 2009


hey everyone I am so sorry but I am stuck, give me a couple of days and I will be back;*

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Hurt 3

Previously on Hurt...

We ate dinner and I excused myself earlier than usual, and went to my apartment, which was still in front of theirs. And silently cried myself to sleep. I cried for me, for what I have become, I cried for the empty bed I was sleeping in all alone, I cried for the several times dist 3ala nafse for a guy. I cried for me


I woke up with my phone ringing "Te2a5artai - rashed al majed"

Tammy: aloo *sleepy voice*

Mama: 9aba7 el 5air mama!

Tammy: 9aba7 el nour mama

Mama: mita et3a6leen 7abeebty, 3irs fa6ma bint 5altich garab

Tammy: inshalla mama, i might come earlier than planned

Mama: inshalla mama, ma3a el salama

Tammy: bye

I missed my mom! I really wanted to see her soon, and with everything happening around me, I
want to be there as soon as possible!!

As soon as I closed the phone it rang again

Tammy: hmm?

3abdullah: Tamara. (serious voice)

Tammy: whats wrong? (he never called me that unless there was something wrong)

3abdullah: meet me at starbucks in 10 minutes its important

Tammy: alright

I closed the phone, rushed to wash my face, I wore my trainers, ponytailed my hair and got to

starbucks in 13 minutes. He was there, sitting on the couch with two drinks infront of him, mine
and his, since he knew what I always ordered. He looked sad, like he needed someone to hold
him, like he missed me, like he felt my pain.

As soon as he saw me he waved his hands and gestured me to go over to him. We said our hellos,
then I sat and drank a couple of sips from my latte.

Tammy: 3abood shfeek, you seem so sad!

3abdullah: I don’t know how to say this
T: how to say what?

3: that im not in love with her and never will be

I looked at him with tears in my eyes, what was he trying to say??

T: na3am?

3: I cant love 7essa, I don’t love her.

T: then who do you love

he looked up into my eyes

3: i love you

T: huh?

3: i still love you, i love everything about you!

T: stop! stop! this wont work! (i broke down)

3: why wont it work, baby don’t cry, we can make this work. (he held my arm)

T: she is carrying your baby... (i eventually blurted)

3: its not meant to be this way, its our baby, Tammy ana ma agdar ag3ad weyaha she is life less!
The look you had broke my heart last night, and when you left i knew you were going home to
cry your heart out, but i was stuck with her, i wanted you to be in my arms so i could calm you down but I couldn’t.

T: then why did you?! why did you go to her? why did you marry her? why did you put us
through this? why did you become her’s? (i managed to say this in one breath)

3: i had to! Im their only son! my father was sick, and he demanded that, I didn’t want to risk my fathers health, or wishes! you don’t know what its like to be me! but i was you now im choosing you!

it was killing me! what was i suppose to do? am i suppose to agree with him? but what about
7essa? she loves him! its not her fault. i looked at him with a blank face, what should i do i

T: adre 7abebe but what should we do now? What’s done is done. Ana rada el Kuwait in a week,
then im coming back in January for the next course.

3: don’t let me go,,(he held my hands in his)

T: I have no choice, you have a wife and shell make you feel better I promise you that.

3: don’t say that (tears of hurt and confusion and rage filled his eyes) STOP! YOU CANT LEAVE

T: I love you

I knew these 3 words would calm him down in a matter of seconds… he came close to me and
hugged me real tight

3: I don’t know what to do without you, I have been living for you not her, and she knows that,
(he moved away and looked at me while I was looking down) ana baye at8adamlich in a matter
of months

I looked at him shocked with what he was saying!

T: and 7essa?

3: we are having a divorce


3: we both want that baby, there is no love between us! She is in love with her cousin and im in
love with you

T: and the baby?

3: her cousin talked to me and they are getting married after the baby is born, and well get
married in a couple of months, and the baby will be brought up with both us and them, we
decided to be close friends, and well hang out all the time, the four of us, and from what I have
known her cousin is amazing, and he is open minded, we wanted to tell you yesterday but you
left early and 7essa didn’t want to confuse you, so we decided that I would tell you w lama 7asait
ina you were backing of madri sh9ar feeny, ma kentia ma36yatny fur9a ashra7lich!

T: la7tha!

3: shenu?

T: ya3ni im yours?

3: yea

T: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I screamed and jumped into his arms I could
believe what I was hearing!

3: you’re my bride!!!

i ran out of starbuck and left him there just staring at me leave, i needed to breathe, i needed

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Hurt 2

Sorry for the short post;*

Previously on Hurt...
We spent the last 2 weeks together then he left to Kuwait, and brought back his bride 2 weeks after…

2 years passed

3abdullah, 7essa (his wife), and I shared each day together. 7essa was open minded; I let her in to my life as she let me into her life. She knew about me and 3abdullah's past. When he fist told her about me all she said was, "we can all be friends right?" at that moment he fell in love with her, her open mind, her bubbly personality, her fun spirit.
She gave us our space. But shockingly the more space she gave us the less we felt towards each other and the more I was happy for them. She was beautiful, with her long black hair and her dark skin and light eyes. She was tall with a curvy body which she knew how to style. 7essa and I grew so close to each other! We hung out alone all the time, we went shopping, we had our girl bonds together. Every time she had problems with 3abdullah I helped her get through them, and talked to 3abdullah for her.

February 3rd

Incoming call

7essa: 7ayatiii!!

Me: hey sweety! How are you?

7essa: fine! Come over tonight! For dinner

Me: hehe ok at what time?

7essa: 7

Me: I'll be there

I was there with jeans and a simple white top, I didn’t like over dressing if Abdullah was there so no memories came back. We were all happy this way.

3abdullah opened the door welcoming me in with a big hug and we went into their living room. Sat on the couch. He had this spark in his eye, an unusual spark.

Tammy: 3abood what's wrong?

3abdullah: I want 7essa to tell you!!

Tammy: wainha?

3abdullah: 7ESSSAA!!! (he called out)

7essa: kani kani, baby wait.

Tammy: 7esso yalla!!

7essa: hehe kani kani.

7essa went and sat on 3abdullah's lap.

Tammy: so spill you two!

7essa: this is a present for you

7essa handed me a little box. I opened it to find a baby shoe.

3abdullah: turn the shoe! (They both giggled)

I turned the shoe wela katbeenlii:

To aunty Tammy, mommy is two months pregnant with me, and if I'm a girl my name is going to be Tammy too, please love me, congratulations xoxo

I looked up to find them both smiling, my heart ached, I know that we supposedly moved on, but I always wondered what if we ended up together, what if?

I hugged them both tearing from hurt!

3abdulla: shfeeech ya m3awda laish tabcheen?!

7essa: enta shtabe! They are tears of joy!

Tammy: yea hehe (I can't breathe!)

We ate dinner and I excused myself earlier than usual, and went to my apartment, which was still in front of theirs. And silently cried myself to sleep. I cried for me, for what I have become, I cried for the empty bed I was sleeping in all alone, I cried for the several times dist 3ala nafse for a guy. I cried for me.